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How Video Production Can Bring Your Business To the Top

Have you ever wondered why there are so many commercials during your favorite tv shows or games? When people talk about a good game in an advertisement, it can sound good to some, but most people are visual and need to see what they are getting into. The visual arts of commercials sell products and services over 60 percent faster than any other marketing tool. Once a person sees something, it becomes instilled into their mind's eye, and they will remember it. This is where Third Eye Productions builds on your business's narrative and creative side to help it prosper and grow through video production.

The Story of Your Business

Every business has a story to tell. Most of the time, on websites, it is found in the "About Us" section. Imagine the "About Us" section coming to life on the TV screen nation or worldwide. How many people can your business reach? With TV and video production backing you up, the answer is endless. The creativity will tell the story and sell your products and services to all who see the video. Focus is on visuals more than speaking, and grabbing the viewer's attention is our specialty.

Marketing the Videos

Before the internet, everything came across on television or radio. Today, we have the internet blasting out YouTube, Spotify, Reddit, and many more ways to advertise through the video networks. When our customers sign on the line, they get more than what is expected. Our videos will exceed expectations and deliver the message through engagement, demand, and marketing.

Remember in High School when book reports were due. How many people watched the movie instead of reading the book? It is proven people will watch a video before reading an entire article on how well your business can affect or change their minds or lives. We can add those videos to your website.

What Catches People's Attention?

There is a range of what people relate to in videos. As mentioned earlier, we take your story and all your business offers and create a video to connect to your audience. For example, if you are selling boats, our videos will capture the best spots on the water for fishing and boating. The video will draw in the person to make them feel like they are on the water or casting a line. Once the video draws in the consumer, you have them hooked.

30 Seconds To Change Your Business

Most commercials or videos last ten to 30 seconds. Everyone is in a fast-paced society, so we work to fit all that is intriguing within that time slot. The longer the video, the less chance it will be viewed. Unless it is a learning video, 30 seconds is all it will take to turn your business entirely around. It is not only about the visual but the attention span of the consumer's mind we work to grab and hold on to.

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